Ambrose Family . Alamo, California . East Bay Family Photographer

Hello little one!  Little Ashley is about 7 weeks old and precious as can be.  She is very lucky to have a rambunctious and  sweet older brother named Cole, and as you will see in the photos below, he loves his family and his trucks 🙂  I had a great time hanging out at their home and capturing some sweet moments.  Thanks Ambrose family!  Enjoy!


isn’t it funny how siblings are totally oblivious to a crying baby right next to them?

hi brother! 🙂ashley is not so sure…there are five gigantic trucks on the bed!  boys and their trucks 🙂

i wondered where cole and his daddy went – and found them in cole’s room reading books!

and this is our attempt at a family photo, lol!  ashley slept right through it!

The Hennessy Family . Walnut Creek Family Photography . East Bay Family Photographer

I love this shoot!  I love the backgrounds and the lighting, and my clients actually stood where I told them to!  Ha!  I’m so used to photographing small children and babies that I have to admit I was slightly nervous for this shoot.  I couldn’t make silly faces or bring out my plastic bugs to stick on top of my camera to make them laugh!  However, it turned out just fine!  I don’t think I made any funny faces, but I did yell out a few ‘meow’s’ to get Cody the dog to look my way 🙂  He was a bit more interested in the jerky treats though, my meow wasn’t very convincing.


i love the head tilt!

see the jerky on Cody’s nose?  and…. it’s gone!!  yum.

looks like we had one unruly client!!  🙂

i think this is my favorite shot below.  i must have said something super funny because everyone has such a natural smile (actually i think that was just Cody behind me making everyone laugh!  🙂



The McGinnis/Fink Family . Crissy Field, San Francisco . San Francisco Family Photography . San Francisco Family Photographer

After days of rain, we lucked out with some beautiful weather at Crissy Field!  Seems like everyone else had the same idea as we did and it was incredibly crowded!  Most of the family got stuck in traffic… so we started the session with a few pics of the cute family below – and once everyone got there we headed over to the bridge.  What a beautiful backdrop!  Enjoy!